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I'm a Software Engineer based in Romania, love to juggle with technologies and put my soul into every project to get the best out of it. Neo4j Certified Professional, NextJS fan, enthusiastic about JavaScript technologies, nostalgic WordPress lover, and the maintainer of Cărțile pe Față websites. I also like to travel around the country, so now I am in Cluj-Napoca, CJ, RO, and tomorrow I might be somewhere else.

Cluj-Napoca, CJ, RO

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Vlad Ilie
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For the past five years, I have been working with JavaScript-based technologies with a focus on NextJS, NodeJS, and Tailwind CSS. This period was marked by the development and integration of a diverse spectrum of solutions for databases, storage, user management, and data analysis.

I have worked with startups, helping to create MVPs and take them to market. At the same time, I cultivated personal SaaS projects in which I invested creativity and innovation.

In the web sphere, I have taken responsibility for the maintenance of WordPress sites with the commitment to ensure their smooth operation. In addition, I am involved pro-bono in maintaining the infrastructure of the Cultural Association Carțile pe Față.

I am involved in the WordPress community in various ways: I am a General Translation Editor (GTE) in Romania, and I contribute to removing the language barrier and facilitating access to WordPress for a wider audience. Also, through my involvement in the WP-Translations PRO team, I promote high-quality translations. I also contribute to other open-source software localization on various platforms like Crowdin, Weblate, Transifex, Lokalise, and even GitHub.

I maintain the "euplatesc" NPM library for the integration of the EuPlătesc payment service.

I am attracted to projects that have a significant impact on society, especially in areas such as the environment, education, activism, and NGOs. I am determined to put technology at the service of great causes and help build a better future for all.


Neo4j Certified Professional



Driven by the excitement of a project based on relational information recommendations, I took and graduated from the GraphAcademy courses offered by Neo4j. You can see the certificate.

Bachelor degree

Politehnica University Timișoara | Romania


I attended the full-time courses of the Faculty of Automation and Computers within the university, studying Automation and Applied Informatics for four years.

Database Design and Programming with SQL

"Mihai Viteazul" Theoretical High School | Caracal, Romania


During high school, I took a crash course offered by Oracle. It was not only an opportunity to develop my solid technical skills, but also a significant step in the direction of my passion for information technology.


The technologies I use and trained with as a software developer over time:

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WordPress plugin for WooCommerce custom products
WordPress plugin for WooCommerce custom products

How ReactJS fits into the WordPress front end for WooCommerce custom products.

  • ReactJS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
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Software localization

Software projects for which I maintain the Romanian translations.



For over 15 years, it has been providing the heartbeat for tens of thousands of websites and executes millions of cronjobs every day.



Open-source forum software that powers over 20,000 online communities of all shapes and sizes.



Homebrew installs the stuff you need that Apple (or your Linux system) didn't. It can be used to install macOS apps, fonts, plugins, and other non-open-source software.



A powerful and intuitive translation editor for Windows, macOS, and Linux, used by over 66,000 people every month.



A collaborative digital whiteboard. You can use tldraw to create a drop-in whiteboard for your product or as the foundation on which to build your own infinite canvas applications.



Hosted service and standalone translation tool with tight version control integration. Used by over 2,500 software projects and companies in over 165 countries.


Since 2019, I have been a General Translation Editor providing translations into Romanian for WordPress Core, themes, plugins, mobile apps, and secondary WordPress websites.



WP-CLI is the command-line interface for WordPress. You can update plugins, configure multisite installations and much more, without using a web browser.



I am part of the WP-Translations.PRO team and providing translations into Romanian and proofreading strings for companies like Yoast, MailPoet, Polylang, ThemeIsle.

Drop me a line if you need a quote regarding your project translations into Romanian.