About me

Here you can find some details about me.

♡ Life so far...

  • Breathing since 1994.
  • Got my first PC in 2006, an IBM Pentium III, a gift from an uncle in Timișoara.
  • 2008 brought me the first line of code.
  • Got my first award from Oracle, SQL Highschool Course in 2013.
  • Moved to Timișoara for my studies.
  • Got my engineering degree in 2017.
  • Moved to Cluj-Napoca for a master's degree in BMDC. Never finished.
  • And started freelance.

⛰ Passionate about...

  • technology,
  • sw i18n & localization,
  • books,
  • board games,
  • sudoku,
  • hiking, nature and
  • a bit of 🧩 puzzles.

💭 Thinking about...

  • a better world and
  • ecology and sustainability

What others say about me

I have worked with Vlăduț Ilie many times on some development projects, when I encounter a problem in codding, the thought takes me directly to him, compared to other programmers he empathizes with the person who has that problem and helps him with all his heart, quickly and qualitatively. I even proposed him to be in my team, so we would work together when I have a project or even custom-made platforms. I recommend him with all my confidence.

Mihai Ciufudean

Mihai Ciufudean CEO at Icey Design

Vlăduț is very talented and passionate about his job. He was doing his best to understand my needs even if I had no idea what I really wanted. He was patient with me and always there to answer my questions. If you're looking for a dedicated developer who cares about his clients, I highly encourage you to try Vlad's services. You won't go wrong with him.

Nicolas Gramnea

Nicolas Gramnea

Working with Vlăduț was a delight. He professionally listened to my needs and converted them into clear, easy-to-manage tasks that we could both work on. We kept our Skype calls at a weekly pace, but we managed to touch base and progress as if we were chatting daily. I would work with him again, and I strongly encourage his recent passion for freelancing!

Andrei Serchis

Andrei Serchis Director at Serchis Creative

Vlăduț este tipul de dezvoltator pe care îl vrei pentru proiectul tău. Este sincer, open-minded, energic și are o atitudine pozitivă tot timpul. Am lucrat împreună în cadrul mai multor proiecte și am rămas fascinat de degajarea, implicarea, și profesionalismul lui. De fiecare dată când am de dezvoltat un proiect de WordPress, Laravel sau o aplicație de mobil cu ReactJS și tehnologii native PWA, Vlăduț este omul la care apelez, și mă bucur din plin de o colaborare cu adevărat faină.

Alex Bordei

Alex Bordei

Working with Vlăduț was a really amazing experience, because of his methodical and professional way of doing things. His well-formulated questions related to the structure and design of the product, during our scheduled meetings, and his following suggestions and proper work have allowed us to obtain the best result. Therefore, I would strongly recommend Vlăduț as the right person for building the most suitable site for your company or NGO.

Ion Panfilii

Ion Panfilii Former Chairman at COSPol